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Whether we are providing an in-home assembly service for your customers or perhaps helping your business move into new office space, our professional project-managed approach means the job will be completed to specification, timescales and budget. Our fitters are uniformed, trained and understand they may be working in an environment where others are also working or may be representing your business to the public.

  • Relax while your new piece of furniture is assembled with the ultimate care.
  • We believe Save time means save money!
  • Avoid the frustration of understanding the existing complicated instructions in the manuals.
  • Forget the fact that you have to handle these heavy and bulky objects.
  • Move your furniture with peace of mind when moving premises.
  • Turn away and send your valuable time on other activities with your personal priorities.

Types of Furniture that we assemble

Whatever you decided to buy for your home or office, Reno-Installation can readily assemble it. The knowledgeable and experienced team can easily install fancy sectional seating or assemble some really comfortable sofas for the office. The experts can also help you with:

  • Indoor stools & sturdy chairs for home office use;
  • Pre-assembled bedroom furniture;
  • Stylish chaises and lounges;
  • Fully assembled dining sets;
  • Home theater seating.

If you are looking to create an even cosier atmosphere in your home or office, the specialists can also assemble and place buffets, hutches, and cabinets of any material and size at strategic locations. But the list does not end there, for they can also place or mount any of the following:

  • Indoor benches and tables;
  • Various back door accessories;
  • Shelving with hooks for clothing or kitchenware;
  • Secure shoe lockers & indoor storage units;
  • Sizable book cases and modular storage;
  • Glass coffee tables and stable desks for offices;
  • Any conservatory furniture.

If you just had extensive bathroom repairs, the pros can assist you in assembling your newly bought bathroom furniture. Or if you don’t want your big plasma TV mounted on your living room wall, they can put the pieces of its original television stand together. And what if you need to furnish a nursery? Say no more – the assembly team also knows how to put cot beds, toddler beds, and children’s beds together.

With over 15 local furniture assemblers across the Canada we will have one of our fully trained and insured Reno Installation fitters with you to assemble your furniture just the way the manufacturer intended. No worries, no wonky, wobbly doors and no bits left over. At Reno Installation  we believe that furniture assembled the way the manufacturer intended will last longer and stay looking it’s best for years to come.  And that is just how we do it.

Your new furniture might make you want to say Wow! when our fitter walks you through the work they have just completed. Especially if you have chosen to leave your trusted team to get on with the hard work while you go out for the afternoon. Great looking furniture real is that simple

We don’t just build furniture. In the past years we have built just about everything designed for home assembly, from garden sheds and barbecues to home gyms and studies.

All of our installers are screw gun toting wall fixing pros. So if you need things like TV brackets, cupboards, towel rails etc fixed to walls then just ask. If we are already building your furniture then hanging a mirror or picture will literally cost only a few dollars extra.  
As we always say, “If it comes in a box we build it!” So just ask us for a quote.

Working with an independent furniture installation contractor gives you the maximum flexibility to choose from a palette of furniture manufacturers without being tied to the cost and constraints of their individual installation teams.
Our installation teams operate across the Montreal and provide you with a fully project-managed assembly service. Drawing on our experience we can be on-site with a fully briefed and managed team within 48 hours.!

Reno Installation have carried out hundreds of commercial office installations for businesses ranging from a lone blogger working out of her home office right up to 75 person project offices. Our commitment to delivering a professional installation service has meant every job has been completed on time and within budget.

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